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Breathing Through It

I know I don’t have it that bad. I know things can always be worse. I know that as long as there is still breath in my body, I have the opportunity to do something better. The problem is that I feel compelled to serve a higher purpose, a universal purpose that goes beyond just …



You know how some days, you just can’t handle any more stupid? That’s today. I am surrounded by incompetence.  By cycles of shortsighted and hypocritical behaviour enabled by blind spots and willful myopia. By words divorced from action.  By actions divorced from words.  By promises made and forgotten in the blink of an eye. By …


The False Duality Of Choices

It’s something I’ve ranted about before, albeit in brief, but it’s probably the defining issue of our current era. Why is everything “us or them”?  Every choice is dualistic, and it’s a complete fallacy. Life is not, in reality, defined as either left or right or liberal or conservative.  It doesn’t work that way.  Following …