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Do Better

I know everyone thinks that comic books are for children, that they’re a lower form of art.  That if it doesn’t have eighty thousand words of prose or isn’t measured in pentameters or God forbid, doesn’t have a thumping back beat or a soft indie voice pretending they have as much heart as Elliott Smith, …



I abhor violence, as most of us do, in real life.  The idea that someone would physically injure or even kill another human being over some dispute doesn’t make sense to me, unless you were actively responding to being attacked in real life (in the immediate moment, not the “responding” governments and other warhawks often …


Superpowers In Reality

It’s no secret I love comic book stuff.  From the weird and surreal to the football drama to straight up superheroes, I find the medium ripe with potential.  Without budget costs for special efforts, anything is possible, and with the idea of a picture telling a thousand words, it can be extremely effective with only …