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Invite Fear In

I’ll admit that I struggle with fear. The fear of rejection, of judgment, of discovering that I’m not what I think I am, of discovering that I’m the very dullard I oppose, that I’m a divisive human being, the gossiper, the seed sower of unhappiness and oppression, all this worries me to my very core. …


Freedom From Our Own Beliefs

I mention dogma a lot.  For that, there’s a reason. For someone like myself, irresistibly drawn to alternative perspectives, who can’t help but question the beliefs and behaviours of myself and everyone around, like some sort of manic compulsion, dogma is a killer. And I’m not immune.  For years, despite the depressive episodes and hidden …



This is always difficult. It’s utterly critical to the success of a happy moment, but it’s still so difficult.  So many things conspire to take us out of the moment and into drama or worry or fear or depression or anger or whatever. Anywhere but here. Now. In this moment. And this moment, as the …