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I like the idea of incremental improvement. See, I used to do this thing.  I would close my eyes, clear my head and boom.  New person.  All the faults of the past vanished, in a flash. Just a perfect, present, thoughtful, honest and all-around kick ass person who did everything the best of his abilities, …


Process Versus Goal

It’s funny how you can not be looking for something and find it. I recently re-read The Practicing Mind by Thomas Sterner.  Re-reading it so closely to that tome of wanna-be guru Eckhart Tolle, I couldn’t help but remark how much better it is at conveying the sense of presence. Sterner does so humbly, without all …


Beware Gurus

I’m all for spirituality. Really. I just don’t believe religion is the path to it.  For me, Buddhist concepts are the closest, but there’s some overlap with most major religions.  The problem isn’t that Jesus’ kindness or the Buddha’s sense of the now are bad things. It’s the people who co-opt them.  This happens all …