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Nearing The End

Dead Talker has been a trial.  The original intent was to do something similar to Jeopardy, but more of an exorcism than an exploration. Jeopardy was about tapping into an obsession and controlling it, in order to reach pinnacles and peace never before seen, with a warning not to slip.  Jeopardy’s actions in the book …


The Irony Of Positive Negatives

I’m pretty sure that it’s a law of human psychology that those most often posting quotes about “haters” and people “showing them who they are” are most often the people engaging in that same behaviour. I know too many of these not to start recognizing it as a defensive behaviour. AKA, someone calls your shit …


Expanding Worlds

Twelve times in the past seven years, I’ve read the same book about naming your genius. Twelve times I’ve come up with a name, then immediately started second guessing it.  Every time, I end up having to read it again, because I’m just not getting it. But every time, I expanded a little.  It forced …