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The snow brings a silence that settles everything, it seems.  There’s a scientific reason.  Something about the crystalline structure of fresh-fallen snow acting as an absorbent for sound.  That accounts for the seeming peace that joins us each time there’s a fresh snowfall. Today, we’re in the process of receiving said gift in abundance.  It …


Moses’ Dead Generations

Chuck Palahniuk postulated in Fight Club 2 that Moses made his people wander the desert for forty years in order to let all those who were slaves and didn’t understand freedom die off. That no one who had been reared in subjugation could possibly be fit to rule the next, free life. In essence, it’s an …


Haters (Really That Bad?)

So, nobody likes “haters”. I see it all the time.  People get successful, there’s schadenfreude and people start criticizing for the sake of criticizing. Or do they? It’s just as often that someone puts out work that is of lower quality or poor message, or demonstrates poor behaviour, then when they’re called on it, they …