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I love the idea of kaizen. Small changes, tiny adjustments, that build up to massive gains over time?  What a wonderful concept and in line with the little things being what makes life worthwhile. We’re all so used to change being presented as this sudden massive thing, when in reality, it’s usually much more gradual …


Do Better

I know everyone thinks that comic books are for children, that they’re a lower form of art.  That if it doesn’t have eighty thousand words of prose or isn’t measured in pentameters or God forbid, doesn’t have a thumping back beat or a soft indie voice pretending they have as much heart as Elliott Smith, …


Fear And War

Kelly Sue Deconnick and Emma Rios postulated that war and fear went hand in hand much more readily than war and courage, in the second volume of their wonderful fable, Pretty Deadly. I find that hard to argue, because folks generally don’t need to instigate violence to prove their courage.  Instigators of violence are often people …