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Can I Hack It?

There’s a fear in me.  A fear that clots my blood and shakes my marrow. A fear that chases me at every turn, and that’s responsible for every failed project, every deleted manuscript and every unsent story.  It’s responsible for the concern that my friends and family will read what I’ve written and sneer, or …


Negative Growth

I’ve talked before about the perceived usefulness of positive and negative thinking.  Conventional thought is that positive thinking is good and negative thinking is bad. I disagree.  Imagine a book where nothing happened but positive occurrences.  There’s no threat, no danger, no one to be saved, no redemption or disagreement or conflict.  Boring fucking book, …


Negativity Versus Positivity

I have a problem with negativity.  I know it.  I tend to play devil’s advocate with everything, from other people’s behaviour to my own skillset. I’ve tried recently to spin that, to play devil’s advocate with my own negativity, and though I still lapse into deep brood or angry dejection from time to time, it’s …