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Benign Gurus

I know there’s worse people in the world than self-help gurus. The sitting administration of the United States of America, with its xenophobia and corruption, for example. And purportedly, self-help gurus are trying to help people live better lives. So as much as we’d like to label the worst of them con men and move …


Purpose, Fiery, Frozen

I envy people who have a purpose that so consumes them that they are willing to burn their worlds down to achieve it. I’m a little afraid of them as well, to be honest. I feel, inside of me, a burning angst to get out and fulfill my dreams, but somehow, somewhere between the fire …


Carnies And The Way Forward

My father-in-law started working as a carnie when he was twelve. He showed up on the day the circus hit town and was swept up by some guy who yelled, “Hey, kid! Need a job?” and next thing he knew, he was holding one of the ropes that guided the elephants that helped lift the …