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The snow brings a silence that settles everything, it seems.  There’s a scientific reason.  Something about the crystalline structure of fresh-fallen snow acting as an absorbent for sound.  That accounts for the seeming peace that joins us each time there’s a fresh snowfall. Today, we’re in the process of receiving said gift in abundance.  It …


Silence As A Condition To Happiness

To be fair, I don’t believe silence is a requirement to be happy.  One can be happy in the midst of a Foo Fighters’ concert (like the one that registered on seismographs in New Zealand). However, I believe that to be able to achieve that level of happiness, one must be able to find that …


Quiet And Happiness

I think it’s really the matter of getting lost in the moment.  Our minds often clamber with random thoughts, worries, obsessions and addictions.  Gossip, self-doubt, criticism, jealousy and hopelessness can all crowd the mind and make us forget our moments. At times, this can work well.  For me, getting lost in a distraction such as …