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They Told Me I Didn’t Understand

Some things happen divorced of time and space. I have a memory, of which I cannot place the date or location, or even my age, beyond it being likely in my early twenties.  There was alcohol involved, but I was not yet drunk (or maybe I was, I don’t know). Two friends of mine at …



I have suffered a great deal from depression.  At times, I’ve let it define me.  I’ve tied it to specific events or people or jobs.  I’ve blamed a thousand people for it, a million, hell, the entire world at times. It’s a depressing place, isn’t it? The fact of the matter is that it happens. …



Every action by every person in all of history was done in order to bring more joy into their lives. Controversial statement, maybe. It has a caveat though.  Despite the fact that everything we do, we do to be happy, there’s a very key point that makes that statement make sense. We really, really suck …