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Reflex Action

I’ve always been a bit jealous of people who just take action.  People who leap, right out of the gate and into the fire, and now I’m re-thinking those phrases and wondering what kind of gate leads directly to a fire. Kind of my point. As much as I’ve been an advocate of myself as …


Expanding Worlds

Twelve times in the past seven years, I’ve read the same book about naming your genius. Twelve times I’ve come up with a name, then immediately started second guessing it.  Every time, I end up having to read it again, because I’m just not getting it. But every time, I expanded a little.  It forced …


The Cleansing Myth (Do We Need It?)

There’s a myth that seems to exist in all cultural beliefs, whether religious, political or just plain pop culture, that someday, a time will come when we (or most of us) are wiped clean from this earth, so we can return to our roots. It exists as movies, books, television, hell, the Bible.  Sodom and …