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Advocate Of Disestablishment

Sometimes, I write something down as an idea to explore later, and I’m not really sure what I meant by it.  I look at the things I was reading around that time, or what I writing about, and it just doesn’t really make sense. I think where I was going with “advocate of disestablishment” is …



It’s really easy to say that we are all responsible for all of our choices and actions.  That the words that come out of our mouths, and the thoughts that roll around inside of our head are the result of our own decision making. And it’s not wrong.  It’s true. But there’s a caveat.  That …


Normal (Don’t Do It)

This could be a normal post about not being normal. I think that by now, most people have read plenty of quotes about not being normal.  Most (if not all) of our best stories, regardless of medium, revolve around people who go beyond the norm.  After all, normal is boring and stupid, right? And yet, …