On Violence

I am not an advocate of violence. I believe (sort of) in Brian K. Vaughan’s concept of violence.

Real violence is abhorrent. Fake violence is brilliant.

(Or some version of that quote.)

I don’t ascribe to the idea of using violence for violence’s sake in works of fiction unless it’s a requirement of plot or the character. I love a good action movie, mob drama or superhero flick as much as anyone, but if the violence exists solely to cover up the fact that there’s little plot or character development, then it’s boring and extraneous.

It’s why I love a good horror movie, but not a splatterfest, unless that splatterfest is more like Evil Dead, where the violence is part of the comedy of it.

To this day, I still say the worst movie I’ve ever seen is Carnosaur. I will never forget the tree hugger tying herself to the logging equipment, only to be assaulted by Carnosaur and what I assumed could only be a foam #1 hand cut and repainted to look like it had scales and claws.

(A later sequence in which the carnosaur bites a person, taking fully half of them into its mouth, only to drop them and show that only the victim’s eyes were missing, also rings prevalently. I’ve never given it a second watch to confirm these impressions, though the tale of the “worst movie ever” has only grown amongst me and my siblings. I’d hate to ruin the mystique by rewatching it.)

In real life, violence is shitty, no matter who or what the reasons. I get self-defense and I can forgive it, though I’m always of the mind that literally every other option should be exhausted first.

And I don’t understand people who employ it. I’m dealing with an incident at work where a customer shoved one of our guys and threatened to punch him if he didn’t leave his house, because his internet was down. I mean, having no internet sucks, but that’s no reason to assault someone. And this wasn’t some white trash yokel – the man was a surgeon.

A surgeon. Using violence on a tech because he’s pissed about not having internet. He followed up that incident by calling the office and threatening to shoot the tech if he ever came back out.

This man is a doctor. An educated man.

Part of me thinks this man needs a cancelling, a publicly vented callout, but it appears that’s already happened, sort of. His ratemds.com rating is low, with plenty of complaints about his attitude, his lack of care and several misdiagnoses, including one specifically referencing violent behaviour.

Again. A doctor. At least one of his patients has noted an aggressive and violent tendency. How this man is still licensed and employed boggles the mind. One of his employees, on a service call to his office, told our guy this kind of behaviour was not uncommon.

How does this happen? In a public healthcare system? Surely, someone has complained about this guy. Was he investigated? What happened?

Probably the same thing that’s happening here. We’re still doing business with the guy. Nobody wants the hassle of a police investigation for a shove. He’s a doctor, and I think there’s a tendency to assume that his word will trump anyone else’s, in the absence of hard evidence, like multiple eyewitnesses or video.

It’s a mad, mad world.

If only there were a Carnosaur to tame it.



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