The Mungk

It’s time to say goodbye. Despite some of the other things I’ve written, The Mungk may be the single most depressing and fatalist thing I’ve ever done.

It’s an exploration of trauma and universal aggression, a metaphor for that feeling most of us get as we go along, suddenly discovering that life sucks and that the universe is, in all likelihood, against us and actively trying to make us miserable.

Of course, I don’t know that’s true at all, but I really wanted to start this journey from a place of destitution, a place of no hope, before I ramp up into something greater.

I’m not sure how easy of a sell this will be, but in the current climate, doom and gloom seem to be pretty commonplace. Certainly those who don’t want a literary sedative seem to work in this vein, and I’m hoping that’s where I can find a place to live.

This whole thing has taught me what I don’t want out of life, what feelings I want to avoid in the future. The question now is simply how. Still, it’s an important work for me to publish, and I think, pretty well done, in the way it’s been written.

Trauma is not my strong suit, but in being beat down by the world and feeling utterly helpless, I’m pretty sure I’ve got a Ph.D.

Not that I want people to feel that way. To me, this is a cautionary story, a tale in which we can comiserate and recognize our worst traits, and the inherent flaw we’ve made in allowing a monster like the Mungk to take over our lives.

I don’t intend to make that mistake again, though of course, we’re all fallible and growth is not a steady upward curve. It moves in fits and starts.

The shadows are no place to live, though they can certainly inspire, viewed in the proper context.

In any case, the Mungk is on its way, and only time will tell how well it does.

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