The Mungk

Another manuscript reaches its finale. The Mungk started as a play on “it was a dark and stormy night” and “there’s a monster under the bed” and ended up being so much more than that.

So much fucking darker.

While Jeopardy taught me to honour the passion and purpose inside me, the Mungk has reminded me that I need to focus on keeping the light inside me strong.

Life has a way of chipping away at you, through circumstance, through bad choices, through blindness. Other people can leave scars that don’t always heal like we’d want. They can leave us crippled, half-human, blunted to the relentless of the universe around us.

The universe, though, seen through perspective, with a healthy dose of internal self-awareness and will, can also be a blessing.

It’s the difference between being led and leading. Allin, The Mungk‘s protagonist, is led most of the time, as are the people around him. He’s given some half-assed advice about keeping his light strong, but words do not always take into account the difficulty of dealing with that which life throws at us.

Sometimes, you just have to go through it. Sometimes, it will hurt.

I believe there’s a good follow-up short story to be had in this piece, same as I’d like to one day tackle Megan’s story from Jeopardy, in short story format, if only for sympathy’s sake. She’s as much the victim as anyone in that novelette, perhaps more so. She’s a little justice owed.

The same is true for Allin when this is done. I’d like a fifteen years later follow-up, if only to tie up some loose ends, and because I’m obsessed with human behaviour and development, and the idea of how his life would turn out after all this is intriguing to me.

Perhaps a sequel. But only if it’s got the chops to go the distance.

Which at this point, is what I’m hoping to do. I certainly feel like I’m doing better that way in terms of writing ability and work ethic, if not so much in the self-promotion sense. That’s the next step – focus on getting a name. Getting published and out there. Getting known.

Onward and upward, always, by writing about being dragged down into deeper and darker depths, forever.

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